Date 26th October 2020

Location: Montpellier

Cortus Announces the Opening of another New Design Centre in Meyreuil (France)

The 26th of October, Cortus SAS announces the opening of another design centre, in Meyreuil (France), adding to the design centres already established in Lecce (Italy) and Thessaloniki (Greece). This reinforces the design resources available to Cortus’ customers, not only in number but also in skills.

After successfully opening design centres in Italy (Lecce) and Greece (Thessaloniki) doubling Cortus’ design capacity, the new design centre in Meyreuil (near Aix-en-Province, France) is opening. The Corporate headquarters remain in Mauguio (near Montpellier, France).

Cortus continues to expand, looking to increase their headcount not only in Meyreuil but also Montpellier, Lecce and Thessaloniki. This is to further consolidate their turnkey ASIC design services, “from idea to silicon”.

Michael Chapman (CEO) said “I am delighted to have this new office in Meyreuil, this further builds up our skill base enabling us to do everything required for chip design: analog, mixed-signal, digital, embedded software, backend design, P&R etc for our customers.”

This increased manpower will build on and extend the experience of Cortus in processors including secure low power processors, compact pipelined processors all the way to very high performance full out of order 4-way issue RISC-V processors exploiting RVWMO as well as complementing the very extensive analog and mixed-signal design experience.

Cortus is also aiming to use the increased expertise to rapidly expand their IP catalog, enriching the current extensive offer in automotive, security, IoT and AI.


About Cortus SAS

Cortus is a leading semiconductor, embedded systems and IoT solutions company headquartered in Mauguio (near Montpellier, France).

Cortus provides a full range of IC design services based around their broad IP portfolio which includes digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF IP; prototyping and verification solutions in many areas such as automotive sensors, image processing, industrial controllers, M2M controllers, secure microcontrollers, smart meters, wireless communication, touch screen controllers, IoT devices, SIM cards, bank cards, and e-passports. Over 7 billion devices have been manufactured containing Cortus processors and IP.

Cortus is a core contributing member and board member of the DASH7 Alliance.

Cortus is a Platinum Founding Member of the RISC-V Foundation and strategic member of RISV-V International.

Contact: Genevois Christophe