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Cortus Lotus 1

  • NThe Cortus Lotus 1 is a cost-effective low power SoC RISC-V microcontroller suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • NThe Cortus Lotus 1 features a RISC-V RV32IMAFC CPU capable of running at up to 40 MHz from single cycle Flash memory.
  • NThe CPU features floating point and hardware integer parallel multiply and divide, and the compact instruction set which improves code density.
  • NThe 24 KBytes of RAM and 256 KBytes of single cycle Flash enable complex applications to be implemented.
  • N6 independent prescaled 16 bit timers with 4 channels each, provide PWM control fully suitable, for example, for driving three phase H-bridges for motor control.
  • NAddressable market examples: Advanced motor control, embedded control, battery powered devices, sensors, personal electronics
  • NDevelopment board available to accelerate integration into a final product.

Key Features:

  • RISC-V 32 bit CPU (RV32IMAFC)
  • 256 KBytes Flash & 24 KBytes RAM
  • Floating point
  • Hardware integer multiply & divide
  • 40 MHz operating frequency
    1.62V – 3.6V
  • 6 Timers (16 bit) with 4 PWM & capture
  • 4 SPI, 3 TWI, 2 UART controllers

Application market

Cortus Lotus 1

Embedded control
advanced motor control
battery power devices
personal electronics

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