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World fastest RISC-V processor

World fastest RISC-V processor

Cortus is developing the high-end high-performance Out-of-Order (OoO) RISC-V processor core.

The processor implements the RISC-V 64-bit instruction set architecture

  • N4-way OoO Core
  • NSingle core & multi-core: 2 different chips
  • NMulti-socket, cache coherent implementation
  • NOn chip Vector + AI accelerator
  • NNew Bioinformatics accelerator co-processor
  • NCoherent off-chip accelerator: CNN
  • NApplication examples : Desktop, laptop, server, artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), central automotive CPUs, mobile phones CPUs, supercomputer
  • NAddressable market examples : Advanced motor control, embedded control, battery powered devices, sensors, personal electronics, laptop, server

Application market

Very High-end PROCESSOR

Advanced motor control
embedded control
battery powered devices
laptop / server

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