Cortus Ulyss 1 has been defined to combine a cost-effective solution with highly advanced automotive applications. It is a high-performance 32-bit automotive microcontroller built on a RISC-V architecture, running at 120MHz.


Cortus Lotus 1 is a microcontroller for any purpose combining value, ultra-low power, compact and integrating a set of peripherals. It is a perfect economic solution for the mass market.

smart grid

Cortus C200 is the perfect answer to run a wide range of applications in the fields of production, transmission, distribution, consumption of electricity, anticipation of serial risk, industrials, ecology and more. The SoC NB-IoT C200 is a dual core 32-bit microprocessor RISC-V ultra low power, increasing edge computing performance, able to run a wide range of IoT applications.

smart meter

Cortus CIoT25, unlicensed ISM bands and Cortus C200 NB-IoT both answer to smart metering field. Bi directional transmission to get information, upload new software and manage any connected sensors.

smart cities

Cortus C200 actively participates in the role of IoT in the smart city of today and tomorrow. The concentration of populations in cities leads to new uses and increasing complications in the management of mobility and transport, waste security, communication, pollution and energy consumption.

Digital signage

The CIoT25 unlicensed ISM band allows any Electronic Shelf Label to be updated remotely within a 2km radius. No need to spend time in each department of a hypermarket, you can follow in real time the stock status, modify prices and manage more easily the restocking.

smart agriculture

Cortus CIoT 25 and C200 provide the best IoT solutions in agriculture. It can help envision, design, deploy and operate intelligent applications to provide real-time business and environmental information to deliver better actionable data for appropriate decision-making.

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