Processor | RISC-V

Cortus, a Platinum Founding Member of the RISC-V Foundation, was the first French and European company to join this Foundation. Cortus has a wide range of RISC-V implementations from very compact low power to  high-end, high-performance RISC-V Out-of-Order (OoO) processors with world leading IPC and Fmax to meet the most demanding computing needs.



Automotive Solutions

Cortus has been providing advanced solutions for the Automotive industry since its creation and Cortus will be presenting its products that cover the needs of today and tomorrow, such as a wide range of microcontrollers (MCU) including AI inference for computer vision, uBMS for Electric Vehicle Battery Passport, MCUs for body sensing/control, and very high performance multi-core application MCUs for Software Defined Vehicles.




SoC Design

Cortus is an expert in SoC design using its own broad IP portfolio, including 32/64-bit processors (Cortus ISA and RISC-V ISA), digital, analog, RF, security, safety, interconnects, peripherals and SW embedded. Cortus provides a complete ecosystem to support its customers’ products.