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Cortus Ulyss 2

Cortus ULYSS 2

  • NThe Cortus ULYSS 2 has been specified to answer the automotive market segment.
  • NIt is a high performance, 3.32 DMIPS/MHz/core, low power microcontroller
  • NIt features a RISC-V (RV32IMAFC) ISA dual core CPU running up to 400MHz
  • NThe lock step CPU core is a 32-bit processor with single precision floating point instructions and a compact instruction set extension that significantly improves code density making best use of the up to 8MBytes of EEC Flash memory. The I-cache is parity protected
  • NThe ULYSS2 has a rich peripheral set enabling a very wide range of applications, specifically close to sensor designs communicating with upstream systems
  • NAddressable market examples : Automotive body control, motor control, HVAC control, automation, embedded control, sensors.
  • NCertifications ISO26262 ASIL-D and/or IEC 61508 AEC Q100/1

Cortus ULYSS 2 Key Features:

  •  Dual-Core RISC-V 32-bit CPU (RV32IMAFC) up to 400MHz with lock step
    • Up to 8 MBytes of program NVM in independent segments with ECC.
    • Up to 64kBytes of data NVM in independent segments with ECC (EEPROM emulation)
    • Up to 512kBytes of RAM with ECC
    • On Chip Debug
  • Operation from 2.7 V to 3.3 V ,  Integrated Voltage Regulators
  • Up to 4 CAN Interfaces with optional FD or XL
  • Up to 8 LPUART, support LIN master and slave operation.
  • Up to 4 SENT Interfaces
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet with IEEE1588
  • Up to 6 X 16-bit independent Timers, offering up to 48 standard channels (IC/OC/PWM)
    • Timers support motor control PWM features with fault input and deadtime insertion
    • Timers support Hall sensor and Quadrature Decoder interface
  • AUTOSAR compliant Hardware Security Module
    • TRNG + PRNG
    • AES (128/192/256 CMAC/ECB/BCB)
  • AUTOSAR 4.2 support
  • Available in 100, 144, 176 and 292 pin versions in BGA & QFP



  • ISO26262, ASIL-D and/or IEC 61508, AEC Q100/1

Application market

Cortus ULYSS

Body & chassis control
infotainment connection module
Climate control (hvac)
Window, door, sunroof
powertrain companion chip
pmsm /bdlc motor control

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