Montpellier, France. Cortus will be exhibiting at the SEDEX Semiconductor Exhibition, Hall C Stand A081, in Seoul Korea from the 17th of October 2017 to the 19th of October 2017.
Cortus will present their offer “From idea to Silicon” at 10:30 am on the 18th of October in the Conference Room (South) 318, COEX. Cortus will show how customers can benefit from complete support from their initial idea to silicon and firmware with an emphasis of having a successful product on time. Embedded firmware and its verification are essential parts of that process. You are of course welcome any time during the exhibition to visit Cortus’ stand to discuss how we can contribute to your success.
Michael Chapman (President & CEO), Duc Nguyen Huu (General Manager) will be present with Jung Hoon Lee – Cortus Branch Manager of the Korea office.
“This is an excellent opportunity to meet with our customers and talk with new clients.”, says Michael Chapman President & CEO of Cortus. “We are proud to be able to share with existing customers and future clients how we can accompany them from their initial idea to successful product.”
The Cortus IP portfolio includes the APS family of processors starting with the ultra low power and the world’s smallest 32 bit core, the APS3R, and offers rowing complexity such as the highperformance image processing SoC up to the floating point FPS26 solution, including cores that implement the RISC-V ISA. Other IP also includes caches, busses, bridges, USB, Ethernet, security, safety. In addition Cortus has numerous analog IP available including RF blocks. These IPs can be complemented with customer supplied IPs or with IPs from other sources. Of course Cortus’ existing IPs can be adapted to meet the specific equirements of the customer.
The APS toolchain and IDE (for C and C++) are available to licensees. This can be customised and branded for final customer use. Ports of various RTOSs are available such as FreeRTOS, Micrium uC/OSII® & Micrium uC/OSIII® and TargetOS. Other RTOSs can be readily ported if required. About Cortus S.A.S.:
Cortus is a leading semiconductor and embedded systems solutions company, headquartered in Mauguio (Montpellier area, South of France). Cortus provides a large range of embedded systems solutions including HW, SW, processors (including RISC-V ISA processors), digital, security and analog IPs, prototyping and verification solutions in different areas such as SIM cards, bank cards, ePassports, automotive sensors, image processing, industrial controllers, M2M controllers, secure microcontrollers, sensors, smart meters, wireless, touch screen controllers and IoT devices. Over 50 companies have licensed Cortus cores and over 2 billion devices have been manufactured containing Cortus processors and IP.

For further information please contact:

David Kerr-Munslow
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